Play UNO, Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Ask Ouija or Three Word Story with your friends...

or UNO against me, Geo (guess where you are) and WikiHow (guess the article) by yourself!

See who talks the most on your server with a live updating scoreboard in a special channel! Reward only the most consistently active members with roles that they lose if they neglect your server!

Deepfry pictures, generate memes and make inspirational quote pics with ease!

Keep scrolling or use the tabs on the leftlinks above to learn more about Mini's unique features! If you have any further questions, join the support server at the bottom and ask me directly.

Want to add Mini to your server? Just click the green button!


Mini is using Slash Commands, meaning all commands are accessible by typing / in the chat. Discord will automatically list all available commands for you.

For the live updating scoreboard and for the ranking system, a little bit of additional setup is necessary.

Use the command /mini settings to access them!



Mini lets you play the popular card game UNO right within Discord, for free!

It works entirely in a thread, so it's neatly tucked away without interrupting your normal text chat.

And if you're lonely or just want more players, you can fill up as many player slots as you want with bots! Each bot plays with a realistic, hand-crafted strategy.

To create a game room for UNO, simply type /uno in a normal text channel. Discord will show you additional options for house rules that you can configure (e.g. stacking +2 cards).

Connect 4

Play Connect 4 right in a text channel, with buttons!

Just type /connect 4 and fill in the opponent field with the person you want to play against.

If the classic 7×6 board isn't enough for you, you can also play Connect 5 the same way - just type /connect 5 instead!

Click the arrows to move your cursor to the desired column and use the green button to drop your tile. Once the game is over, the winner will be displayed below the board. Good luck!

Tic Tac Toe

Play Tic Tac Toe with buttons, wherever you are!

Just type /tictactoe and fill in the opponent field with the person you want to play against.

Once they accept your invitation, just click on the space you want to fill, and the game will begin. Good luck!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Challenge a friend to a series of Rock, Paper, Scissors rounds with just one command!

Just type /rock-paper-scissors and fill in the opponent field with the person you want to challenge.

After you have both made your choice, you'll find out what the other person played. You can instantly rematch as many times as you want, to see who ultimately comes out on top!

Party Games

Mini has a few other Party Games for you to play with your friends. They all open their own threads, so you don't need to reserve a dedicated text channel to them if you don't want to.

Ask Ouija (/ouija) is a fun game where you ask a question or provide a sentence with a blank and everyone in the chat can answer, one letter at a time. This is inspired by the subreddit with the same name, r/askouija.

Three Word Story (/story) is a game where you can write stories with your friends, three words at a time.


This is one of the most unique games Mini has to offer: GeoGuess, where you get a random street view image and need to determine as much as you can about its location!

Mini automatically only selects images near major cities around the world, so hopefully you'll at least see some houses to give you clues.

To start a game, simply type /geo in the chat. You will get an image and a dropdown of your available guesses.

Since you can't place a pin on a map, you can instead guess the continent, country, and city one after another. If you get one wrong, don't worry! You will still be able to keep guessing on the correct continent and in the correct country.

You can only guess one continent, but you can then guess up to 5 countries and up to 5 cities. That way, you have a chance to get points until the very end.

The title is "derived" from GeoGuessr (one of my favorite browser games), but the game mechanic is quite different given the format of a Discord chat.


Another fun and unique game to play is WikiHow?, where you have to guess which of the given WikiHow article titles is the source of the image on screen.

You may have heard of the inspiration website Damn Dog. Their game however only features a small selection of manually curated images and titles, whereas Mini's /wikihow dynamically chooses some wildly different and some related titles (depending on difficulty).

To start a game, simply type /wikihow in the chat. For each round, you have to click on the answer (1-5) that corresponds to the article you think is correct.



Mini features an automatic, live updating scoreboard that lives in its own channel.

You gain points by sending messages in the server. However, there is both a minimum length requirement and a cooldown to discourage spamming.

Winning any of the server minigames and using Mini's other features will also increase your score.

Unlike many other ranking or leveling systems that, over time, give a huge advantage to old server members who had more time to collect points, your score decreases over time, encouraging you to be consistently active on the server.

You can set up, reset and delete the scoreboard from the settings dashboard by typing /mini settings in a channel anywhere on your server.


In conjunction with the scoreboard, you can set up custom ranks that users get when they have a certain number of points.

Every rank has a name and a minimum score threshold needed to attain it. Additionally, you can link a role to the rank if you want to give your most active users perks through Discord's built-in role system. When creating new ranks, you have the option to create this role automatically. Role linking is reserved for Tier 2 patrons as Mini needs more processing power to keep the roles in sync at all times, as opposed to just granting them once.

If you do not want to bother with setting and changing the thresholds for your roles, Mini can do that for you. Dynamic ranking sets the required scores by looking at your current scoreboard and algorithmically distributing ranks among active users.

If you want to change the order of dynamic ranks, disable dynamic ranking and set the thresholds so that the ranks are sorted in the way you want them. Once you turn dynamic ranking back on, they will have adjusted thresholds but retain their order.

You can set up, reset and delete the scoreboard from the settings dashboard by typing /mini settings in a channel anywhere on your server.


Mini can use a Markov chain-based language model to simulate you with a Discord message, based on what you've previously said on servers. The more messages you've sent, the more unique and interesting your simulations will be.

Since these simulations are based on your previous messages, you need to explicitly enable this feature in a three-step process.

First, click the Opt In button in the settings command /mini settings.

Now you need to keep chatting and wait while Mini is analyzing your messages to build a language model. Mini will not store your actual messages, only use them to build the language model that is then encrypted and stored on a secure server. It is not possible for Mini or me to reconstruct the original messages the model was derived from.

Once you have a large enough language model, you can simulate yourself or anyone else who has opted in to simulations using /sim followed by the user's name.


Mini can automatically convert units in messages you send between metric and imperial units.

To use auto conversions, simply ensure that they are turned on in the settings dashboard /mini settings.

Conversions currently support distance (km - mi, m - ft, cm - in), speed (km/h - mph), volume (l - fl oz), weight (kg - lbs) and height (m - ft'in").


Mini has various smaller tools you can use to quickly pull up information or write special messages.

Weather (/weather) will show the forecast for a location of your choice. Simply fill out the required fields (and optional ones, if you want to change e.g. the unit) and you will get a forecast right in the chat.

Secret messages (/secret) delete themselves after a few seconds.



A new take on a classic bot feature, shipping couples by name. Mini's implementation of this feature has a unique algorithm to generate the best portmanteau and calculate its quality. A portmanteau is a combination of two words, like smoke + fog = smog.

Mini's confidence in a ship is determined by how equal the share of both names is, so if the ship name only features one letter from the first name and all the others from the second, the confidence score will be low. However, if the split is roughly in the middle, Mini will have a high confidence in the ship.

Just type /ship and fill out the values for partner1 and partner2 (order doesn't matter).

Big Letters

You know how Discord has big letters as emojis, but they're extremely inconvenient to type? Look no further! Mini will automatically convert text that you provide using the /big command into letters and make them as big as Discord allows.

Messages less than 27 characters and only containing letters, numbers, spaces and other emoji will be the biggest emoji size possible.

Discord will render longer messages or those containing special characters as inline emojis, which are smaller but still more attention-grabbing than regular text.

Meme Generator

Make your own memes using one of several templates provided by ImgFlip!

Supported memes include Galaxy Brain, Drake Hotline Blink, Is This A Pigeon? and Distracted Boyfriend.

Just type /meme and select one from the list that appears. The title of the meme will let you know how many captions you can provide.


Do you want to share an inspirational quote on a completely unrelated stock photo background in a hard-to-read handwritten font?

Then you came to the right place - Mini can generate them for you! You can right-click any message in the chat and select Apps > Inspirational Quote to turn it into a picture.

Alternatively, you can make your own from scratch using the /inspire command.


You can deepfry your images by right-clicking a message with an image in it and clicking Apps > Deepfry Image.

Currently, this feature supports JPG and PNG images and will apply a random combination of image effects such as oversaturation, stretching and overlaying obnoxious emojis.

The response is an image attachment, so you can save it just like you would with any other image uploaded to Discord. Your photo is never uploaded to any hosting service outside of Discord, and will pass through Mini's image processing pipeline without being stored anywhere.