I have some stuff to explain

And little time to explain it

Hello everyone, good morning, evening, or night!

You may have recently discovered a new video on my channel called HOW I MAKE MY MUSIC - FL Studio 12 Tutorial, clicked on it in the hopes of an awesome tutorial on how to make electronic music, and learned that (spoiler!) it was all just a joke. Why did I do this? Well, the story is actually more complicated than it sounds.
The initial idea for this came from MoacTube's ONE COMMAND IN UNDER 2 MINUTES video. I really liked the sarcastically simple style of the tutorial (and the memes, obviously), and I wanted to make something similar, not only because I laughed a lot when watching his video, but also because I kinda liked the idea of having a chance to make a point that I wouldn't have made otherwise.
I get comments like "This is cool, I want to make something like this, what softwar... » keep reading

The mystery of Summer Heat

and what I'm working on now (with teasers)

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night!

As you may recall, in December of 2015 I uploaded this video containing a few snippets of music suitable for intros, ten seconds in length each. (By the way, is anyone interested in an updated version of this? Let me know if you are.) The last of those files was presented with three question marks, and in the description it was referred to as Summer Heat. Apart from that, there was no mention of it anywhere on my channel, but once you put something on the Internet, someone will remember it. I honestly regret teasing that track, not because I've been asked about it a lot since (basically whenever I announce a new piece), but because I have to say no to those questions each and every time, as I've simply lost track of the plans I had for it.
Summer Heat was supposed to be a track with vocals. I contacted the singer Julia Angelo who I'd previo... » keep reading

A Brief History of "A New Life"

About the early stages of the EP

Good morning, afternoon, evening, night!

Today I would like to talk about how and why I started my first EP. The term EP stands for Extended Play, also referred to as a "mini album", usually containing between three and eight songs. I had no intentions to make one at this stage when I played around with a few melodies on July 20. Luckily, I still have the first draft from that day, which you can listen to right here and now. :D

I showed these melodies to a few people and they universally liked the third one best (which would later become Onwards and Upwards). Sadly, nobody really cared for the first one, it didn't seem energetic enough, which is why I built up Haunted by the Past to tell a different story with the panflute and strings.
The first track I then constructed was Fresh Start (without its name still). It came together pretty quickly, but getting t... » keep reading

Welcome to my website!

Your visit is appreciated.

Hello, dear visitor!

My name is Tom Spander, as you probably guessed from both the URL of the website and the relentless branding everywhere on the page. This is my website, where I will share interesting factoids, tutorials, a few looks "behind the scenes" on music production and the images and visuals to accompany my tracks, and from time to time a few thoughts that just happen to cross my mind. I hope you find some of the coming entries in this blog interesting.
As part of a future update to the site, I will release a form to sign up for an automated mailing list. For now, you can do that by leaving a comment below saying that you want to be signed up. You'll get an email as soon as the mailing list is up and running.
There will not be a comment system for individual tracks, unfortunately. If you want to comment on a track, please do so on YouTube where I will reply accordingly. I hope you understand.
I did most of the web design manually/by ... » keep reading