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You may have recently discovered a new video on my channel called HOW I MAKE MY MUSIC - FL Studio 12 Tutorial, clicked on it in the hopes of an awesome tutorial on how to make electronic music, and learned that (spoiler!) it was all just a joke. Why did I do this? Well, the story is actually more complicated than it sounds.
The initial idea for this came from MoacTube's ONE COMMAND IN UNDER 2 MINUTES video. I really liked the sarcastically simple style of the tutorial (and the memes, obviously), and I wanted to make something similar, not only because I laughed a lot when watching his video, but also because I kinda liked the idea of having a chance to make a point that I wouldn't have made otherwise.
I get comments like "This is cool, I want to make something like this, what software do you use?" quite often. While I always respond truthfully, and I appreciate the compliment that's in it, I feel like it invalidates the work I as a content creator put into the finished product. It wouldn't make sense to ask a chef what frying pan he uses because the steak tasted so good, would it? Exactly. While it's not a big problem, and I'm not going to rant about it on my channel at all, I saw the opportunity to make my point in a funny, ironic way. There is no "make magic" button in FL Studio, obviously. And the melody is not the easiest, but one of the hardest parts. (Besides doing what the magic button should have done. I still haven't figured out how to mix properly, and maybe never will. So it'll always be acceptable at best, but I hope the rest makes up for it.)
So, all in all, that's why I made this funny tutorial. I saw a funny video which I liked and wanted to try my own stance on (basically why I started making Melodic House in the first place). And I saw the opportunity to, at the same time, make clear that it is far more work than some people think. (If you're curious, Far Away took about 20 hours in total, spread out over a month, excluding animations or artwork.)

A diffeent problem is on the horizon though, and it is one I need to address as early as possible. Changes in my life have taken away a lot of my time, and making music may eventually fall short of my priority list. That doesn't mean that I will stop, it just means that I may not upload for several weeks or months at a time. While I will always take time to talk to the community (which I started doing more regularly on the livestreams), I may not have time to actually make new music.
I still have a few projects in the making though, I have two collaborations that are (hopefully) going to be finished rather soon (read: maybe this year) and I also started working on a new track which I will try to finish as long as I still can. I will also do another blog post in a few days (unless I forget, in which case you remind me please), which will show how the artwork for Rough Waters came to be.

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??? >:D The world will never know that i am sw- ??? said on February 04, 2017:

I disagree with one of your points. I think it should work differently defaults FTW

Oliver Cox said on November 05, 2016:

Aww, there's no make magic button? D: